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Freedom Products

"CHOWDHARY SEASONWEARS" is an established name in the Indian market for Rainwear,Winterwear and other rubberised products.We had established our company in the year 2001 under the brand name FREEDOM.

Since our establishment, we have been manufacturing quality Rainwears,Winterwears(Winter Jackets,Windcheaters),School Bags,Airpillows,Baby Mats,Water Bed,Hospital Sheetings etc.

We have been the spearhead of innovations concerned with the above mentioned products. Since our inception,it has been our motto to satisfy our customers by providing innovative ideas,latest trends,exclusive fabrics and reliable stitching.Every spec of detailing is taken care of, making our products unique and ensuring value for money.



We make rainwear for people of all age groups from men and women to school going children.Our raincoats are made from wide a range of materials - from best quality of P.V.C., Rubberised Fabric and Imported Nylon Coated Fabric.We know that rainwear is a protective garment so every care is taken while manufacturing them in terms of stitching or welding.

"In a survey of safety specialists"-it has been proven that poor visibilty of pedestrians and motorcyclists is a major cause of night time accident cases. We have introduced RADIUM and GLOW IN DARK on our rainwear products, the first time in INDIA.These Radium and Glow In Dark are placed on any rainwear fabric without stitching with the help of fusing machine.

We have a wide range of raincoats from toddlers to school going children which are sure to catch ones eyes.These raincoats model very attractive Heat Transfer Stickers manufactured by our sister concern CHOWDHARY INTERNATIONAL LTD.


Our Windcheaters are made from quality fabric and imported nylon material to protect your skin from the harshness of winter.These are available in various colours and exclusive designs to sooth your eyes.We have also put on attractive Litho Transfer Stickers on our Windcheaters and they can challenge any reputed brand available in the market.


We understand the burden a child bears to school everyday by carrying bags stuffed with books.Our bags are made up of imported fabrics with comfortable straps.These are available in diffrent designs which are trendy as well as effective in reducing this burden.


The durability of Airpillow is very important during journey. We have taken every necessary care while manufacturing them.Our Airpillows are made from fine single textured cotton fabrics and pure rubber to ensure pleasant and comfortable sleep on days of outings.


Our range of baby mats are made from polyster with pure rubber and rubber backing.These products carry a high polymer content keeping in mind the tender and soft skin of your infants.


Water Bed are ideal for prevention of Bed sore.Ordinary bed aggravate the sore by creating pressure points due to uneven support while scientifically and technically manufactured water bed distributes the weight evenly and provides full support to our back.

Our water bed are made up using pure vellour rubber product and are provided with water filling equipments. We are using cotton fabric on upper layer keeping in mind the comfortness and hygiene of our customers.


Our hospital sheetings are made from rubber and cotton fabrics with a thin layer of rubber coating on both sides of the fabric.They help in keeping the patient in place on the bed during his ongoing treatment.Our hospital sheetings are made up of finest quality material keeping in mind the patients safety and comfort.