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Industrial Tattoos

Industrial tattoos are water transfer without adhesive backup and can be used on various hard surfaces like steel, wood, glass, acrylic, polycarbonate, etc. These are all manufactured as per specification and are made to order.


Body Tattoos

Body tattoos are water transfer with adhesive backup used by companies for promotion on childrens products. These are non toxic and can be safely used on childrens skin. Tattoos are generally made in multicolor, and being cheap can be marketed well. There are various type of tattoos like.1) Single color body tattoo. 2) Multicolor body tattoos. 3) Multicolor with glitter tattoos. 4) Multicolor with glow in dark tattoos. 5) Multicolor with foil stamping tattoos. All the above can be made as per your specification. As good quality body tattoos are well received by childern, these can be the cheapest form of advertisement.