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IVish Xerox Transfer



This product is introduced for the first time in india for the specific use of sampling, instant promotion of any product and small quantity requirements. As the name of this product suggests, you can transfer anything in your mind instantly on the surface of your choice.

This product works on a normal coloured xerox machine No-DC-12 and no-3535.These transfers can be used for light coloured fabric and works on cotton, polyster, lycra, hosiery etc.

The heat transferring can be done by normal electric iron or heat fusing machine at a very low temperature of 120 to 140 Degree. Washing fastness is reasonably good in machine wash and print resolution is excellent. You can add single to any no. of designs on a ivish A/4 size paper.

Much lower investment compared to other available options, instant result and perfect finish are the main advantage of ivish paper.

Procedure for application :


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